Timeless Elegance: Cultivating Your Personal Style Across Life’s Seasons

Fashion is a powerful tool for self-expression.  It can alter others perception of you.  As women, style can help us navigate the many stages of life.  As we age, we begin to hear the term “age-approproiate’.  It makes me cringe.  While there are no rules when it comes to fashion, there are guidelines that can help women feel more confident as she dresses in each stage of her life.

Dressing in your 20’s is all about experimentation.  This is usually the first time we make a style identity.  If you’re anything like me, I was like a leaf floating in a fashion river in my 20’s.  I had no idea who I was and how I wanted to be perceived.  One day, I was wearing the Gap and the next BeBe.  It was exhausting and expensive.    While I will encourage women to embrace their individuality, it is important to respect your age.  Your 20’s are a balance between trendy and classic.  I love my young clients to experiment with vibrant colors and different silhouettes.  Find what flatters you ,while expressing your youthfulness.

As we enter our 30’s and early 40’s, the balance of fashion and elegance becomes more important.  I encourage my clients to start buying classic occasion outfits.  A  cocktail dress, funeral attire, and something to wear to interviews.   In my 30’s,  I was in a real job, training a sales force and giving speeches to a room full of peers.    It was important to me to be modest , so my clothes were not distracting from my message.  Tailored slacks and well fitting blazers were in my closet.  This is when I started experimenting with textures and patterns.  I added accessories to express my style and feel more individual.   

As we approach middle age and beyond, we can embrace our mistakes of the past and feel confident in trying new things.  Invest in good quality over quantity.  Use fashion trends as suggestions to create your own style.  I will try just about anything, but I always do a fit check and make sure I feel put together, powerful, and beautiful.  I ask myself, if the girl that bullied me in high school was walking down the street, would I pull my shoulders back and extend my hand, or would I cross the street.  Yeah, we all have issues!   Often, I am classic and timeless.  Sometimes I am more daring.  I mix the two extremes almost every day.  When I look at my closet, I have created a capsule wardrobe with a little bit of fun and edginess available when the mood strikes me!

Take aways:

  1. Focus on silhouette and fit.  Regardless of your age, properly fitting clothes is a foundation to building a wardrobe you love. Find a good tailor, and don’t be afraid to use him.
  2. Personal style is not defined by age.  Identify the elements that define your style and incorporate them in each age.  As you age, keep the over all aesthetics.
  3. Choose quality over quantity.  As you age, invest in your personal style.  Not only with quality last longer, it typically has better cut and flattering fabrics.

Personal style is a reflection of you.  Fashion is subjective ad style is a matter of opinion.  There  are no rules, only guidelines.  What matters most is that you feel like your outfit speaks who you are before you ever say a word.  You should feel powerful and beautiful in whatever you choose.

As always if you like it, wear, it, make it yours.

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