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Finding Your Voice by Finding Your Style

In today’s society, personal style has become an essential form of self expression.  Women, in particular, have countless opportunities to explore and experiment with choices. However, finding inspiration for one’s style can be challenging and a little over whelming.  Given the endless influx of trends there are five sources where I recommend a women draw inspiration.

Social media has become a prominent source of inspiration.  Fashion influencers share their fashion perspective and provide an endless stream of ideas.  However, it is important to approach social media with a critical eye.  Last year, as I embarked on my personal style journey, I started following several influencers online.   To my surprise, a few of them did not align with my belief of inclusivity and body positivity.  I no longer support women that do not support other women.

Throughout history, iconic women have left their mark on style.   From Audrey Hepburn’s elegance to Kylie Jenner’s minimalistic chic, women have been expressing themselves and influencing other women since portraits of socialites and royalty were hung.  The key is to find someone who wears clothes that you find intriguing.  You don’t have to wear expensive shoes or carry the latest bag.  It’s the inspiration.  Don’t look at the label.  Look at shape and colors.  Examine the silhouettes and textures.  Also, be realistic.  At 5 foot 3.5 inches,  a silhouette is not going to look the same on me as it does on 5’9” Gwyneth Paltrow.  That’s ok.  Im looking for inspiration, not copy.

One of my favorite places to find inspiration for my style is museums and galleries.  Putting myself among creativity can spark a personal style inspiration.  Take note of colors, patterns, and the artistic movements.  I wear primarily black and white.  I almost always have a “pop” of color.   The inspiration to have a statement color to contrast my basics came from a trip to see a Van Gough exhibit.  The brilliant colors and brush strokes were eye catching.  I literally left the exhibit with a particular outfit idea.

Women tell me they often find style inspiration in nature.  The colors, patterns, and textures found in your environment can translate into some amazing fashion statements.  Colors like the vibrant hues of the sunrise or the delicate texture of a flower petal can inspire you to try something new.  The organic shapes found in nature can translate to fabrics and silhouettes, adding a whimsical touch to your wardrobe.

By far, the most significant source of inspiration lies within you.  Women should take time to engage in self reflection.  By identifying traits like personality and knowing one’s lifestyle,  women can align their style with their authentic selves.  Trust your instincts.  Follow your gut to what make you feel powerful and beautiful.  Find one or two items that you love and figure out why you love them.

Finding inspiration for one’s personal style is a journey that women should embrace.  The goal is not to find trends and wear them.  By looking at several outlets, a women can find a way to express herself that reflects their personal style.  Wearing your own unique style can embody confidence and allow you to embark on a lifelong creative journey.


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